Loft living has always appealed to the unique, the creative, the individuals who are not only unafraid to stand out but actually seek to do so. These are the kind of people that “Live Work Loft” developers are targeting with their rebranding.

Targeting Gen Y young professionals, their rebranding is obviously focused on appealing to the creative with the tagline “Spaces that Inspire”. They are also making sure that they use Gen Y’s choice medium of communication, integrating social media into their rebranding campaign with a presence in Twitter and Facebook and encouraging people to Pinterest them. After all with the Gen Y, you have to be online if you want to be found.

So if you like having a fully customizable home and feel like living the loft lifestyle is perfect for you, there’s no need to get off your laptop because you can check out Live Work Loft units available for lease and then schedule a viewing only when you find one that really interests you.

Image via Live Work Loft