smart home monitoringIf you’re to make any claims about your loft being modern, then you’d better pimp it up and go high tech. Sure, your décor may be really nice, but there’s nothing like the latest high tech stuff to make people go wow.

Here are some high tech ideas for your loft:

1. Solar panels Solar panels might not be the most novel idea, but it will surely impress anyone who’s into eco-living. Of course, there’s also the matter of energy savings and long-term cost-efficiency.

2. Smart appliances – Appliances these days come with their own built-in computers and touchscreens. So why get an ordinary fridge or washer, when you can get a smart one that does more than just store stuff or clean them up?

3. Security systems – With all that expensive high tech stuff in your home, you’d better invest in a good security system. Make sure you choose one that lets you check on your loft wherever you may be via your phone. And stay away from home security system scams!

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