bedupOne of the reasons why people often go for lofts instead of the usual apartment and condo units is space. New apartments and condominiums are after all notorious for cramped spaces, while lofts are usually equated with large airy spaces. In some cases though, you will find lofts that are not that large either making it decorating the space a real challenge.

If you have a small loft, you will find that general tips for small spaces apply to lofts as well. However, since lofts are not divided into rooms you get more freedom when it comes to being creative with this small space. For example, instead of getting a traditional bed for your loft you can opt to install a cool multi-functional piece like BEDUP’s design. This bed goes up the ceiling when not in use, leaving the space it occupies usable for other functions.

The through and through look of lofts also leave you with the challenge of keeping the place clutter-free to make it look less cramped. So stick with as little things as possible and buy appliances and electronics with the smallest footprint possible, like a Macbook Air instead of a clunky desktop PC or a flatscreen TV that you can mount on the wall instead of the traditional kind.

Image via Treehugger