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Where are these Reversible Destiny Lofts?

loft.jpgThe first time I saw the Reversible Destiny Loft, the first question that popped in my head is, where is that? Actually, according to the internet, it is located in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. There are also some places where Reversible Destiny Lofts would be built like New Jersey and Paris. The artists, Arakawa and Madeline Gins, keep on eyeing for a location for these lofts. Each loft costs approximately $ 750,000.

How I wish I could live there. I think if I were given a chance to live in this loft, I can live there forever! In just seeing the physical structure or front view of the Reversible Destiny Lofts, it seems life can be even be lighter and happier.

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Furniture for a Loft

As we all know, Loft involves that limited space which explains why it is very much important to carefully choose which furniture to purchase and place in a house. This is for the purpose of still having that enough free space. Usually, choosing furniture is based on three consideration namely cost, size, and purpose. It is never wrong to buy expensive furniture as long as it is worth its price. Never buy the brand or the manufacturer, it is still best to buy its quality and purpose. Next is size. The size of the furniture is a feature that could say if it is fit to a place or not. Furniture is available in different sizes and it is essential to always choose the size that will fit an area and still leaving much free space. Lastly, it is always better to buy that furniture that goes beyond its purpose. With all those being said, definitely, choosing the right furniture highly contributes to the beauty and convenience of a home.

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Loft Developer in LA Goes for Brand Refresh

Loft living has always appealed to the unique, the creative, the individuals who are not only unafraid to stand out but actually seek to do so. These are the kind of people that “Live Work Loft” developers are targeting with their rebranding.

Targeting Gen Y young professionals, their rebranding is obviously focused on appealing to the creative with the tagline “Spaces that Inspire”. They are also making sure that they use Gen Y’s choice medium of communication, integrating social media into their rebranding campaign with a presence in Twitter and Facebook and encouraging people to Pinterest them. After all with the Gen Y, you have to be online if you want to be found.

So if you like having a fully customizable home and feel like living the loft lifestyle is perfect for you, there’s no need to get off your laptop because you can check out Live Work Loft units available for lease and then schedule a viewing only when you find one that really interests you.

Image via Live Work Loft

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Loft-Living Popular in Rochester New York

city of rochester NY logoLoft developers in LA may be going for a brand refresh to attract the Gen Y market, but in downtown Rochester, New York it seems that those real estate brokers dealing in lofts need no gimmick to attract buyers. According to Mary Chao, “Loft-living is booming in Rochester” with buyers being a mix of “young professionals and empty-nesters” who are attracted to the winning combination of the “maintenance-free way of life” that loft living presents and Rochester’s proximity good restaurants and places where cultural events are held.

Just this week another loft development, called the Bridge Square Lofts, officially opened in the area. It has 24 loft apartments available on the upper two floors and units designated for office space and retail shops on the lower floors. And with the market being as it is in Rochester, you can bet that the 24 units won’t stand empty for too long. Rental prices for the units starts at $995 for one-bedroom lofts that are about 750 square-foot in size. You can go online on your computer to visit the developer’s site to learn more about the Bridge Square Lofts.

Image via City of Rochester Website

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Play with Chairs

After playing with carpets, you can also play with chairs. There are many different chairs styles and designs available. I am sure you will have a hard time to choose from them because all modern chairs will really catch your attention. The color of the chairs is one of the factors to consider. Don’t just choose a beautiful chair, choose an ergonomically designed chair or sofa. Ergonomically designed means being built in conformance with your shape, size, and form. So when you shop a modern chair check if it is ergonomically designed for your own convenience and style.

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The choice of what furniture to bring into your loft, where they should be placed and in what way, is a tricky process for most homeowners. Here are some tips to help you out. Ø       Get furniture which complements the overall design of your loft.Ø       When planning, keep in mind that there should be enough space for comfortable movement.Ø       Place furniture in accessible and safe places; they should not block the way of the people going to and from your loft.Ø       Choose furniture which serve as both aesthetic materials and useful furnishings. They should be beautiful, and at the same time, make you comfortable too.

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Lofts Costs


The usual question that comes to a home buyer is, how much money should I pay? This is one of our concerns right?

The good thing is, lofts are neither that expensive nor cheap. They just have an average cost. If you want some loft-conversions, you need to know the following requirements:

1. The Roof structure of the house
2. The Approximate Area
3. The Maintenance (if necessary)
4. The Electric and Water Requirements
5. The Interior Design, etc.

But if you want to rent or purchase loft apartments, you must observe the area, environment, consider also the designs, furnishings and everything for your safety.

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Is Living the Loft Lifestyle Perfect for You?

Do not make hasty decisions. Before you plunge yourself into the world of loft living, it’s always better to make sure. Is loft living right for you?

Here are factors that you need to take into account:

1. Noise and Light � How much noise and light can you tolerate and still be able to go through your daily and nightly routines?
2. Privacy and Security � How much privacy will you be able to have? How much freedom will you have to do what you want? How much of your friends would to come visit? Is the parking limited or not? Is the place safe enough?
3. Pets and Children � Are the flight of stairs bearable for your children and pets (if you have any)? Are there parks and recreational activities?
4. Lifestyle � Imagine yourself living the loft lifestyle. Do you like it? Does it make life any better for you?

If you are still not sure, you can visit and learn more about loft living.

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Redecorate Your Loft with Nantucket Decorating

If you want to add appeal to your loft, you can use the Nantucket decorating. This charming and comfortable approach blends shades of yellow and blue with seashells and ocean themed items accessories for a pleasant style and get the feeling of seaside with Nantucket dcor.

Make sure that the windows would be inviting to the eye and enhance the room design. Curtains, blinds and drapes would be fabulous with this design. To get the best out of Nantucket decorating, choose the appropriate lighting which should be a reflection of the ocean.You can use rugs and and mats that can augment this kind of decoration. For the most part, pine pieces go well with this design approach.

So, bring a new style and atmosphere to your loft, give it a touch of Nantucket decorating without paying big bucks.

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The Magic of Mirrors

One of the things you can do to maximize your space or just make your loft look spacious is the use of mirrors. We all know that mirrors produce reflections. To make this more effective, use a human-size mirror or those oversized mirrors placed on walls. Through this, it will make your place feel more open.

You can also use modernly decorated mirrors to make it more stylish. You can also add some cute stuff or objects to add effects or beauty in the area. It is also a good suggestion to use a mirror top on the table instead of a clear glass. This will add shine to your place. I tell you, mirror can do a lot of magic in your modern loft.

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