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Going High Tech with Your Loft

smart home monitoringIf you’re to make any claims about your loft being modern, then you’d better pimp it up and go high tech. Sure, your décor may be really nice, but there’s nothing like the latest high tech stuff to make people go wow.

Here are some high tech ideas for your loft:

1. Solar panels Solar panels might not be the most novel idea, but it will surely impress anyone who’s into eco-living. Of course, there’s also the matter of energy savings and long-term cost-efficiency.

2. Smart appliances – Appliances these days come with their own built-in computers and touchscreens. So why get an ordinary fridge or washer, when you can get a smart one that does more than just store stuff or clean them up?

3. Security systems – With all that expensive high tech stuff in your home, you’d better invest in a good security system. Make sure you choose one that lets you check on your loft wherever you may be via your phone. And stay away from home security system scams!

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Furniture Positioning: Factors to Consider

Figuring out the best position for your furniture is one of the key things you need to learn when decorating your loft. Even if you get really excellent furniture pieces for your loft, improper positioning can still make your loft feel cramped and the mismatched furniture clash instead of look harmoniously funky.

To help ensure that you make the most out of your furnishings, here’s a a couple of things consider:

Furniture size – Measure each piece you plan on bringing in and plot them in a computer software for making floor floor plans/layout. This way, you can be sure that the furniture all fit in the room and will have a better idea of their scale as you play around with the different possible configurations on your computer.

The view – Make sure you take the view into account, and don’t end up blocking a great one with oversized furniture placed right in front of a window.

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Furniture for a Loft

As we all know, Loft involves that limited space which explains why it is very much important to carefully choose which furniture to purchase and place in a house. This is for the purpose of still having that enough free space. Usually, choosing furniture is based on three consideration namely cost, size, and purpose. It is never wrong to buy expensive furniture as long as it is worth its price. Never buy the brand or the manufacturer, it is still best to buy its quality and purpose. Next is size. The size of the furniture is a feature that could say if it is fit to a place or not. Furniture is available in different sizes and it is essential to always choose the size that will fit an area and still leaving much free space. Lastly, it is always better to buy that furniture that goes beyond its purpose. With all those being said, definitely, choosing the right furniture highly contributes to the beauty and convenience of a home.

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Interior of a house: Designing tips

Designing the interior of a house is not only based on the owner’s preference but more to it, are careful considerations of every little aspect added to the house’s interior. Aside from making a space beautiful, elegant, and beneficial, interior designing as well involves making an area look spacious paving way for comfort. Things to consider in designing: settle on appropriate colors, place furniture that are of great purpose, and work on the place’s security. Most often, people simply choose their favorite colors to be used in painting the inside of a room or even colors for floor tiles neglecting the fact that choice in colors usually contribute to the space appearance. Dark colors, in most cases, results to spaces that look smaller and the opposite is seen when light colors are used. Furniture as well contributes to the design and space of a house; this is why it is always better to choose something that is of dual purpose. Lastly, security of the home should always be the main consideration because all designs and furniture made and use are useless if these are not properly secured.

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Loft Conversion Tips

Loft conversion is usually done to change the look of a loft or even change its use or purpose. Nevertheless, it is important to know when a loft is fit for conversion and with this; there are things that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, one must have that enough space applicable to the chosen change. It should always be the case that whatever purpose that one decides on will result to a use that is beneficial. Any plan or idea of conversion will be useless if its design and features aren’t really visible in the considered area of loft. On the other hand, one must as well ensure that needed permits are obtained before even starting with the conversion. Usually planning permission and permits are needed to give assurance to local authorities that every change and procedure that will be done wouldn’t cause harm to those directly or indirectly using the loft.

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Maximizing Loft Space

Loft spaces appear big but actually are of limited area compared to the usual apartments. With this, it is important that smaller and lesser furniture are placed to still make the loft look spacious. It is recommended that less drawers and cabinets are placed knowing that these could occupy majority of a room’s space. Ceiling lamps and fans are as well better to be used to have more floor space. It as well helps to use furniture that serves two purposes such as sofa bed. This alone could limit the purchase of varying furniture which will then lead to more space used. There are more to the stated tips in maximizing a loft space. One essential fact to consider is that lofts appear to be bigger vertically than that horizontally. This is why it is recommended that one maximizes the “vertical” space by buying or placing taller furniture with a short width span.

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Instant Floor Plans on Your Phone with Magic Plan

magicplanOne of the things that significantly increases the cost of having a loft is in the decorating, with many loft owners resorting to hiring a professional interior designer to do the job. Of course more opt to decorate their own space, but with little talent and experience in interior design it often results in a less than ideal look. Worse, mistakes in buying furnishings and key art pieces are often made due to incorrect measurements in the floor plan.

The good news for loft owners who wish to decorate, and even renovate, their own space is that there’s a super easy and convenient way to draw your floor plan. You don’t even have to go on your computer to make one, but can do so just by downloaing Sensopia’s MagicPlan on your iPhone, snap photos of the corners of your room and have the app magically draw the floor plan for you. You can then map out the entire house by aligning rooms with a swipe of your finger and export your floor plan in multiple formats.

Sound’s too good to believe? Try it out for yourself!

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Solar Pool Lights, Power your Home


Are you planning to have a loft pool party? Read on to get the most out of your pool party and let your guests enjoy the party more. A lot of debate is going around the corner concerning the use of solar energy as a global energy platform but solar pool lights are always exception to the rule.

Solar lights application like solar pool lights can boost the security of your property, plus it extends swim time. Solar pool lights basically set the mood of your outdoor space, whether it’s a vivid or retiring mood. It adds spice to your pool and you can even change it to a nighttime swim cave or paradise.

Do you know that solar pool lights also has its advantages?

1. DIY- Well firstly, solar pool lights can be a DIY project and can be done as ABC, no need to go to a Thai school Arts or enter Arts Thai classes.

2. Accessible- Anytime and anywhere, you can assemble these lights in no time. No need of electrical tools.

3. Let it float- Solar pool lights float freely around the pool.

4. Safety first- A good lighting like these solar lights can keep your property visible. Watch out burglars!

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Loft-Living Popular in Rochester New York

city of rochester NY logoLoft developers in LA may be going for a brand refresh to attract the Gen Y market, but in downtown Rochester, New York it seems that those real estate brokers dealing in lofts need no gimmick to attract buyers. According to Mary Chao, “Loft-living is booming in Rochester” with buyers being a mix of “young professionals and empty-nesters” who are attracted to the winning combination of the “maintenance-free way of life” that loft living presents and Rochester’s proximity good restaurants and places where cultural events are held.

Just this week another loft development, called the Bridge Square Lofts, officially opened in the area. It has 24 loft apartments available on the upper two floors and units designated for office space and retail shops on the lower floors. And with the market being as it is in Rochester, you can bet that the 24 units won’t stand empty for too long. Rental prices for the units starts at $995 for one-bedroom lofts that are about 750 square-foot in size. You can go online on your computer to visit the developer’s site to learn more about the Bridge Square Lofts.

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Green Tech

Making Your Loft More Energy Efficient

energy star logo most efficientOne of the best things about lofts is that they are relatively easy to convert into a more energy efficient space. The reason for this is that the layout makes it convenient to install a lot of features like a simple skylight that will impact the entire space at once. With a single skylight, the entire loft already becomes more energy efficient since that one skylight will already lighten up the entire unlike other dwellings where you need to have a skylight installed in every room (at least if that’s what you want).

Obviously, the usual advice on retrofitting a home to be more energy efficient also applies to lofts, such as replacing your current light bulbs and appliances with better energy star ratings, chunking out your bulky and energy hungry computer and using more energy efficient computer systems like laptops, making sure all windows are well-sealed to lower heating bills, and even possibly having solar panels installed.

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